JVC Athlete Scholarship

JVC Athlete Scholarship

Joust Volleyball Club Athlete Scholarship

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Scholarship Submission Deadline November 30 (annually)

With the major shifting of sports development over the past 10+ years taking on much more of a private and/or sport specialization approach, gone are the days of the community clubs and school programs being the primary sources of development, which now see’s private and/or individual/sport specialization companies, businesses, programs etc leading the way for athlete development. Club volleyball in Manitoba provides an athlete the opportunity to extend their development and competition opportunities after the primary school season is completed, but at a cost many cannot afford.  Club volleyball in Manitoba see’s a multitude of different clubs available to boys and girls of all different age classes which requires parents to pay for these opportunities.  Many athletes/parents simply aren’t able to afford the expenses associated with club volleyball in Manitoba.  What this can often lend itself to is only those financially capable of paying for these opportunities are granted these opportunities, with many athletes loosing out as many cannot afford these opportunities.

At Joust Volleyball Club, we understand the expenses associated in providing these opportunities.  We understand that there are many athletes who simply aren’t able to afford these opportunities for various reasons.  At the end of the day, life is expensive, and this includes sports.

Our Joust Volleyball Club Athlete Scholarship Program has been designed to assist those athletes who would otherwise be unable to afford club volleyball due to financial constraints.  Our JVC Athlete Scholarships are designed to provide one athlete in each age class the club operates each year the opportunity to have a scholarship award to them which will see the *athlete fees* covered by Joust Volleyball Club as a part of our Athlete Scholarship Program

Athlete Fees/Items Included/Covered In The Scholarship

  • Tournament Fees for the local tournaments we look to place our teams in
  • Manitoba Provincials Entry Fee (for teams attending)
  • Volleyball Canada/Manitoba Athlete Membership & Insurance Fees for those teams participating in SANCTIONED tournaments
  • Athletes Clothing Includes: Pull Over or Jacket, Sweats or Pants, Bag, Uniform, Shorts/Spanx
  • Gym Rentals (private or school permit based)
  • Strength & Conditioning Sessions
  • Coaches Honorariums & Clothing
  • Equipment (balls, nets, poles, antennas, ball carts, fitness equipment, training aids, etc)
  • Program Administrative Fees & Website Maintenance

*not included is any fees required for travel to out of town/city Winnipeg tournaments (eg. Nationals)

How Does An Athlete Qualify For The Scholarship?

  • Each athlete is asked to submit an essay (by November 30 annually) explaining why they should be considered to receive this scholarship.  Essay’s can be submitted via e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Essay’s can be submitted via PDF, Word, Pages File Formats, or simply on the e-mail itself
  • ALL SCHOLARSHIP SUBMISSION ATHLETES WILL BE REQUIRED TO ATTEND THE ANNUAL TRYOUTS IN AN EFFORT TO GAIN A PLACE ON A TEAM (tryouts are early December, please check the website www.joustvc.ca for these dates, times, locations)
  • Top 5 athletes per age class will be chosen to go through an interview before final scholarships are awarded

What Is Required In The Essay?

  • Athlete’s Full Name
  • Athlete’s Grade
  • Athlete’s School
  • Athletes Date Of Birth
  • Why Should You (the athlete) Be Considered For This Scholarship

We look forward to your submissions and seeing you at tryouts!

Questions can be e-mailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) Page - please be sure to consult our FAQ's page by (clicking here) for Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the program.

Beach Club - Joust Volleyball Club is pleased to offer year round training options which consist of Youth Beach Club, Youth Camps, Youth Beach League, and Youth Tournaments through Beach 4 Life.  Please click here for more info...


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