Vision & Philosophy

Vision & Philosophy


At Joust VC, our primary focus is to provide ANY level of player the opportunity to develop their volleyball skill set, physical fitness, knowledge, and mental awareness to ultimately become the best all around player they can be.  


Looking to make your school team?

Aspirations of making a Provincial, College, or University Team?

Had a growth spurt and your coordination hasn’t caught up?

Coming off a poorly timed injury that has set you back?

As the competition can be fierce for many programs, unfortunately spots are limited on many programs.  Any number of factors can often pose as speed bumps in an athletes pursuit to make their school and club teams.  At Joust VC, we welcome the opportunity to work with any athlete at any level.  Whether your goal is to play for our Canadian National Team or your Jr./Sr. High School team, we can help you get there!


Although position specialization increases as an athlete progresses in age, position specialization can also limit an athletes development and opportunity at any age level.  At Joust VC, as a part of becoming a 360 degree athlete, we believe multi-position training at a young age, in combination with the ability do every skill at a consistently high level will greatly increase each athletes versatility and opportunity to succeed and achieve their goals.


With Manitoba being one of the top volleyball Provinces in Canada, many athletes strive to make our Provincial Teams with further goals to go on to local or out of Province & Country University programs, the pressure to be the best is high! At Joust VC, we understand the increasing pressure put upon our young athletes to be a part of specific programs at all levels.  Each athlete at Joust VC will be provided with the tools to perform and rise above many of these pressures on and off the court.  


At Joust VC, we believe through our Focus, Opportunity, Versatility, and Performance guidelines, each of our athletes will become more versatile on the court mentally and physically.  In addition, each athlete will also retain many real life skills and qualities that will aid them in their development as a young adult.  Qualities such as hard work, determination, respect for others & the game, and achieving individual & team goals are all qualities Joust VC believes in. It is with these qualities, in combination with many friends one will make through our program that will ultimately allow each athlete to develop on a 360 degree level both on and off the court.

Beach Club - Joust Volleyball Club is pleased to offer year round training options which consist of Youth Beach Club, Youth Camps, Youth Beach League, and Youth Tournaments through Beach 4 Life.  Please click here for more info...

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About Joust Volleyball Club

Established in 2012, Joust Volleyball Club was created to provide opportunities to Youth (12U - 18U) athletes in Manitoba (Canada) who wish to learn, develop, and compete.  Through our certified professional coaching staff, athletes of all skill levels will be exposed to coaches who not only have certified coaching experience, University and Professional (Europe) playing experience is also a part of some of our coaches on staff which we look to pass on to all athletes participating in the program

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